True Value Futures

The True Value Initiative (TVI) is a global knowledge-to-action strategy created by leading world experts from finance, investment, internet technology and sustainable development.

The TVI is an important component of the work of Clarity Coalition. Clarity and others consider that achieving True Value accounting and pricing of products and services is a critical step towards a sustainable, more equitable world and to designing a future with fewer risks.

True Value is effectively created by internalising the (currently) external costs and benefits of human well-being, resource use and environmental impact (ESG aspects), and broader financial risk, into the value of economic activity (e.g. Gross Domestic Product). The objective of the TVI is to provide the new data and information in real-time and relative to economic activity, such as unit $ GDP, to work towards this.

Clarity and TVI partners are at the forefront of innovating investment strategies and tools and semantic web and other internet technologies for truly linked, verifiable and performance related real-time data and information from global and local sources. New knowledge from the TVI will contribute to systemic risk and resource management and deepen the understanding of how value is created, lost, measured and managed.

The addition of Mutually Distributed Ledger (aka Blockchain) is likely to have number of benefits for the development of TVI knowledge-to-action. These include a historical record of supply chain audits and source reliability and performance.

Created 13/11/2017 VC/JM/SNJ

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