Super SMART Investment (Water, Energy, Cities and Communities)

SSW Invest – Scaling up public–private investment in best-practice water management

Super SMART Water Investing (SSW Invest) combines finance strategy, policy performance bonds, bond indexing, and true value accounting to evaluate water investment opportunities in the Danube river basin. This project aims to enable, scale up, and promote public and private investment in best-practice water infrastructure, technologies, and resource management. The objective is to bring investment needs together with investors.

SSW Invest will assess, score, and cluster individual investment options, and distinguish the value of best-practice products, services, and management versus “business as usual”. This project uses semantic data modelling to generate regional economic and ESG analysis to inform financial risk reward coding for investment across low-risk nations like Germany to higher risk ones in Eastern Europe. Through clustering, the scale of investment strategy suitable for portfolios and risk-reward mandates of institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance institutions, can be achieved. SSW Invest will also provide a context with which to apply investment strategies on other water basins around the world.

True Value accounting will create and enhance the information needed to change the risk-reward paradigm, while investment vehicle innovations (such as Policy Performance Bonds) applied to clustered investments provide test cases for full procurement and uptake in investor portfolios.

In 2015 this project, which formed part of a proposal to the EU Horizon 2020 funding stream, achieved good marks for excellence.

Status: The Super Smart projects are being built for complex stakeholder engagement. Two sister proposals are SS Energy, and SS Cities and Communities, which apply similar investment strategies and tools in their relative contexts.

8/09/2016 SNJ