ETF Hubs Chefs and Cooks Global

Capturing True Value data in small-scale food production

ETF Hubs Chefs and Cooks Global creates the enabling environment to optimise the role of small-scale rural farmers and food producers in the transition to sustainable food production, thriving food business, improved and equitable rural economies, and food and nutrition security (FNS). The project focuses on chefs and cooks who are stimulating a social change by building education and training for nutritious and delicious dishes into business models and working towards food sourcing from sustainable supplies.

In line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Chefs and Cooks Global provides the data, knowledge, strategies, and tools as well as the stakeholder platform and infrastructure. Global Chefs and Cooks adapts existing initiatives from global partners and advisors:

Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants which scores the quality of the catch, the environmental sustainability of fishing practices, and the fishers’ living wage, to advise in knowledge and infrastructure to bring the freshest, best-quality fish to London restaurants.

Agritech Group’s Rural Development Cluster (ARC) model which includes training for small scale farmers to grow their crops in a more efficient and sustainable way, including with affordable energy, and combines objectives to meet local needs and provide direct access to cash crop markets.

Ecochefs Maniva, an existing network of ecochefs and small producers centered in and around Rio de Janeiro towards Brazilia, which encourages direct links between chefs and farmers and has held children’s workshops for cultural cooking such as tapioca crepes.

Delicias de Alicia, a Buenos Aires ecochef’s business that finances and runs workshops for children from low-income neighbourhoods to learn to cook healthy, delicious meals within their families’ budgets.

Peer pressure within the Chefs and Cooks Global network drives sustainability goals and the reliability of self-evaluations. Chefs, cooks and producers are most interested in expanding their network, which provides the supply chain infrastructure to deliver quality food from producer to consumer.

As a first demonstration model of Clarity’s True Value Initiative (TVI), Chefs and Cooks Global generates local granular data that can also be used to evaluate operational performance in relation to actual global and national indicators and for future scenarios for the development of the agri-food business.

Updated 13/03/2018 ML/SNJ/VC