Building mainstream finance and investment innovations into large-scale sustainable development projects

Clarity’s projects led by worldwide leaders create to the enabling environments to bridge the gaps between sustainable development needs and investor requirements to invest in those needs. We do this by providing decades of finance and investment, sustainable development and ICT expertise through our partners to integrate the following steps into project design and implementation:

  1. collecting, validating, and analysing economic and environmental, social and governence (ESG) data and knowledge ranging from locally sourced information to national accounts;
  2. using new information to redefine the risk-reward equation for investment, including to evaluate opportunities that could not be seen as clearly or at all previously;
  3. applying investment strategy and tool innovations which are viable for today’s markets;
  4. applying new information to better demonstrate steps to sustainable development for business and governments;
  5. disseminating this information to the crowd — clients, customers, consumers.

For more details on specifc projects:

True Value Initiative
ETF Hubs Chefs and Cooks Global
FNS Sub-Sahara
Super SMART Investing (Water, Energy, Cities and Communities)

Updated June 2017 VC/SNJ


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