Bridging the Gaps

Since 2012, Clarity collaborators have worked together, and on behalf of major clients, to design step by step solutions that ‘bridge the gaps’ between mainstream investment and global resource trends. Through its projects, Clarity brings together international partners to build the complex multi-sector relationships and enabling environments to apply mainstream investment strategy and tool innovations to sustainable development goals and to work towards True Value economies.

A focal part of Clarity’s work is to introduce mainstream investment tool innovations which are viable for today’s markets, such as Policy Performance Bonds. Working for the longer term, data and information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, and wider financial risk, populate modifers to financial Confidence Accounting.  These tools facilitate the uptake of monitisable and privatisable sustainable development aspects into financial accounts and the measurement of economic activity ‘beyond GDP’. Clarity’s True Value semantic web framework standardises, verifies, decentralises and links data and knowledge ranging from locally sourced information to national accounts, including with the potential to build on Mutually Distributed Ledger (aka Blockchain).

Clarity founders, modus vivendi and Z/Yen Group, leading world experts on trend and financial risk reward analysis respectively, are at the forefrount of their fields to assist with project design and implementation. Innovating and strategising with finance, investment, business, IT and governance leaders, on the one hand, and developing alongside local and regional small and medium-sized enterprises and other stakeholders, on the other, Clarity is building the True Value future top down and bottom up.

Clarity works with key players who are already building sustainability into their business models and finding ways to scale up best-practice solutions. True Value infomation will highlight how these approaches compare to ‘business as usual’ and thus bring more relevant information and knowledge to decision makers in investment, business and governance.

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Updated November 2017  VC/SNJ

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