Serious Shea True Value Chain shows the way for World Economic Forum endorsed community action

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The interconnection between global environmental, societal and economic impacts started appearing in the World Economic Forum top five Global Risks in 2011. At the same time a small community project in Burkina Faso led by William Kwende was working out how to create community value from the same interconnections and scale up action across Sub-Saharan Africa through the (now) multi-billion dollar shea butter industry.  

The challenges were enormous and included meetings with hundreds of women’s groups to adapt traditional shea butter processing methods to eliminate the use of 10-20kg of wood fuel every 1 kg of raw shea butter produced and tragically the felling of the shea trees themselves.  

A decade later nationwide women shea butter processing groups have been organized into legal cooperatives with land rights and company shares. The extensive scoping and due diligence on transforming rural processing clusters with biogas and solar powered mechanization and strict quality control standards has been completed thanks to parters such as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the government of Burkina Faso, Agritech Group and Impact Agri.

The solution to scaling has been to cluster small-scale community investment needs into one large-scale investment profile and developing a model retail and zero-waste value chain. The local financial and resource use and value chain integrity is underpinned by robust verified data on Chain Zy blockchain so it cannot be altered.

The (now) Serious Shea and CLEObySeriousShea zero-carbon, deforestation-free value chain project has been endorsed further by Uplink, and the World Economic Forum as a leading socio-economic solution for land restoration of the transition zone between the expanding Sahara desert and the African parklands – also called The Great Green Wall.

Serious Shea value chain is on the cusp of achieving the multi-million dollar investment needed to scale up clean-energy, zero-waste shea butter processing across Burkina Faso and then Sub-Saharan Africa and to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

The World Economic Forum will be publishing the Serious Shea value chain video soon. Every recommendation of this compelling video will inch us forward. Please look out for the video and like, love, comment, share.

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