Transition Investment: Why now? 2014

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Securing a new path for mainstream finance and investment is a critical component of 10 billion people living well by 2050.

Increasing consumption anticipated in China, India and other rapidly growing economies is projected to grow rapidly, changing pressures and investment priorities for resource supply and demand. Opportunities for investment strategies may include water resources for agriculture, industry and people; food production; other resource access, depletion and substitution; energy and ‘hedging’ strategies for unburnable carbon; investing in innovation and changing taxation strategies.

Global investment will increasingly be dominated by ‘ordinary’ savers, including through pension funds and insurance institutions acting as drivers to create a world worth living now, while also providing retirement income. Investment innovators amongst HNWI, venture capitalists and impact investors can be expected to trickle down through to mainstream investment.

Financiers and sustainable development experts have been working on solutions from opposite ends of the track. Clarity is at the forefront of bridging the gap to align economic growth with human well-being and decouple resource use and environmental impact from continued economic growth. We have developed innovations in the form of investment frameworks, strategies and tools that are viable for today’s markets and ‘hedge’ investment portfolios step by step..

September 2014 SNJ/CVG/MMG