‘Good, Green, and Fair’, 2015

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‘Good, Green, and Fair’ is a set of sustainability indicators categorizing and equating to economic, environmental and social, respectively. They were first used for the sustainability mapping of fish to London restaurants by Pisces-rfr (responsible fish restaurants), in turn inspired by the Slow Food movement’s Good, Clean, and Fair. Pisces uses a simple 5-point scoring system of worst (1) to best (5):

  • Good – the quality of the fish
  • Green – sustainability of the stocks

– stock status

– selectivity of the fishing gear

– wider environmental effects

  • Fair – fair returns to fishermen.

For Clarity’s FNS Sub-Sahara project, Pisces inspired the design of the Ceres model to consolidate locally important good, green, and fair indicators for Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) with global indicators of national accounts (GHG emissions, employment, etc.)

The radial charts below compare hypothetical sustainability mapping of Agritech Group’s Rural Development Cluster (ARC) model and an agro-food production model based on a scale of 1 to 5 where the center is the worst score.



February 2015 MMG/SNJ