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This page gives the key data and references for the Burkina Faso and West African Shea Butter Industry for:

  • Business as Usual (English Only)
  • Serious Shea and Cleo Organics True Value Data, descriptive and quantifications  compared to Business as Usual  (Español, Français, English, Svenska, Suomea)
  • Outputs from Clarity’s True Value Framework for the Burkina Faso Economy,  BAU vs Serious Shea Scenario

A. Shea Industry Business as Usual References  (English Only)

1.  Serious Shea Scoping Study, BAU Data, Agritech Group, 2016

West Africa Region


2. Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, 2017 

Social Protection and Forestry Working Paper 3 accessed 1 July 2019

The impact of the shea nut industry on women’s empowerment in Burkina Faso  – A multi-dimensional study focusing on the Central, Central-West and Hauts-Bassins regions
by Tammy Chen

Burkina Faso

Shea industry employs 3 Million people in Burkina Faso and generates 90-200M $US per annum exports.

94% women are involved in collection of Shea nuts only.

Income per annum p 24

Western African Region – total

Est, 50% of shea nuts are consumed in producer regions, range 57% (Lovett 2004b) and 41% (US Aid 2010).

Exports between 265 000 and 445 000 tonnes of shea per year (Yinug and Fetzer, 2008)


3. US AID 2013

Income US$ per MT Dry Kernal Equivalent; Sellers 150; Traders 250; Large Exporters 250-800

Average amount processed by 1 women per month: 12 bags shea (whole fruits or kernels?) per MT;  7 bags processed per woman per month = 0.53 MT; 7 bags produce 187 kg shea butter; conversion rate is 0.53/0.187 = 2.834

The Shea season lasts 5 months from May to October, meaning one woman would produce in the region of 5*187kg = 925kg

At the end of 2013, the price of shea nuts was 250 CFA francs per kilogram (Rousseau et al., 2015).  Therefore price per MT with x-rate at 0.0017 CFA:1 US$ 250000*0.0017= MT  425 US$ nuts.

B. Serious Shea and Cleo Organics True Value Data, descriptive and quantifications  compared to Business as Usual  (Español, Francais, English, Svenska,  Suomea)

Cleo Shea Bodybutter Product Attributes for



100ml, 30ml, 50ml

Manteca de karité orgánica, pura

100% natural, libre de químicos, vegano

Aceites de Base

Orgánica, Prensado en Frío, Moringa, Baobab, Coco

Aceites esenciales

Coco Rose: Rosa
Fleur de Tanger: Azahar, (orange blossom Citrus airantium -var. Amara), Manderina Zanahoria
Sandalwood: Sándalo
Dahab-Gold: Canela, zanahoria
3 Queens: Bayas de enebro, incienso, bergamota, pino, canela,


Bocal en verre, Tapa de bambou, Étiquette gravée, Cierre en plástico reciclable.

Valor Real (Datos verificados de sostenibilidad)

Producido con energía 100% renovable.

10% de acciones a grupos de mujeres

Calcu (i): Aumento en ingreso a grupos de mujeres:

Serious Shea (actual)

4.000 US$ por 1 Tonelada de manteca de karité de Serious Shea = 4 US$ kg-1; 0,004 g-1

N:B Rango Serious Shea Precio bruto por tonelada, 2019:

US$/MT organic cosmetics 6199,75
US$/MT non- organic cosmetics 4476,15
US$/MT food sector 2410,34 2745,62

(La manteca de karité producida por los grupos de mujeres no se puede utilizar para la industria alimentaria, Ej. para hacer chocolate, ya que lo requiere un proceso químico industrial.)

Cosmética Cleo Organics Europa
30g = 30 US$ = 1US$ g-1
Margen = 50%
=0,5 US$ g-1
95% karité crudo por frasco de la crema del cuerpo
=0,475 US$ g-1

10% de acciones a grupos de mujeres = 0,0475 US$ g-1;

= 47.500 US$ -1

Aumento en ingreso por los grupos de mujeres = 47.500/4.000 US$ = 11,875*

Calcu (ii) Emisiones de carbón

BAU (actual)

1kg manteca de karité =10,374kgC02e
30g manteca de karité = 0,03kg = 0,31122kgC02e
50g manteca de karité = 0,05kg =0,5187kgC02e
100g manteca de karité = 0,1kg = 1,0374kgC02e

Cosmética Cleo Organics Europa

Producida sin el uso de la leña con energía 100% renovable
Menos de 5% de 10,374kgC02e para formación y transporte
1kg = menos de 0,5187kgC02e

30g = 0,03kg = 0,015561kgC02e
50g = 0,05kg = 0,025935 kgC02e
100g = 0,1kg = 0,05187kgC02e

Carbon sustituido (C02e emisiones guardados)
N.B. 95% karité crudo por frasco de la crema del cuerpo de Cleo

30g = 0,03kg = 0,295659kgC02e *95% = 0.28087605kgC02e
50g = 0,05kg = 0,492765kgC02e *95% =0,46812675kgC02e
100g = 0,1kg = 0,98553kgC02e *95% =0,9362535kgC02e




100ml, 30ml, 50ml

Beurre de karité bio, pur

100% naturel, sans chimiques, végétalien

Huiles essentielles

Coco Rose: Coco, Rose
Coco: Coco
Fleur de Tanger: Orange (Citrus airantium -var. Amara), Carotte
Sandalwood: Bois de santal
Dahab-Gold: Cannelle, Carotte
3 Queens: Baies de genièvre, d’encens, bergamote, pin, cannelle


Bocal en verre, Couvercle en bambou, Étiquette gravée, Joint en plastique recyclable

Données à Durabilité vérifiées

10% des actions aux groupes de femmes
Produit avec 100% d’énergie renouvelable

*voir calcul arrivée (en espagnol)

Augmentation du revenu des groupes de femmes = 47 500 $ US / 4 000 = 11 875 *

Carbone substitué (émissions de CO2 réduites)-
N.B. 95% de karité brut par bouteille de crème pour le corps Cleo

30g = 0,03kg = 0,295659kgC02e *95% = 0.28087605kgC02e
50g = 0,05kg = 0,492765kgC02e *95% =0,46812675kgC02e
100g = 0,1kg = 0,98553kgC02e *95% =0,9362535kgC02e


100ml, 30ml, 50ml


Bamboo lid, glass jar, inscribed label, recyclable plastic seal


100% natural, no chemicals, vegan

Unique ingredients produced without carbon emissions and without burning wood and with 100% renewable energy in association with the Shea producers





Storlek 100ml, 30ml, 50m

100% naturligt, inga kemikalier, vegan

Glasburk, bambuslock, graverade etiketter, återvinningsbar plastskydd

Unika ingredienser som produceras utan koldioxidutsläpp och utan brinnande ved och med 100% förnybar energi i samarbete med Shea-producenterna



100ml, 30ml, 50ml

Draft SNJ December 18 2019

Adding Portuguese and Italian, July 2020



Tamanhos 100ml, 30ml, 50ml

Manteiga de karité crua misturada com óleo de Moringa-Baobab-Coco prensado a frio

Óleo essencial de sândalo-rosa-etc.

100% natural, sem produtos químicos, vegano

Frasco de vidrio, tapa de bambú, etiquetas gravadas, fechamento  de plástico reciclável

Ingrediente único produzido sem emissões de carbono e sem queima de madeira e com energia 100% renovável em associação com os produtores de Karité

C. Outputs from Clarity’s True Value Framework comparing BAU to the Serious Shea Scenario for the entire Burkina Faso Economy

The red range represents kg carbon emissions per Int$ GDP for the entire Burkina Faso economy,  for a scenario that all Shea production is with Serious Shea practicies.

The blue range represents kg carbon emissions per Int$ GDP of the entire Burkina Faso economy with Business as Usual Shea production.

The vertical access represents the probability that the kgCOe per  Int$ GDP will be at the mean with the data variation aspects indicated below the confidence curves.

The results of the analysis demonstrate that given that same level of national GDP as BAU,  Serious Shea practices will almost halve the national carbon emissions even if all other insustries continue to emit the same level of CO2e.