True Value pricing – a ‘must have’ by 2020, 2018

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In 2010, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), some 200 of the world’s largest corporations, highlighted a commitment to True Value pricing as a ‘must have’ by 2020 in order to achieve a sustainable world by 2050.

Starting in 2012, founders of the (now) Clarity Coalition worked with the WBCSD on the project ‘Future Business, Long Finance. Outcomes included a proposal for True Value Accounting, first presented to the investment community at a Long Finance event in 2014. Responding to feedback about the efficiency, scope, reliability, pertinence and resolution of data and information which populates True Value Accounting, Clarity facilitated the development of the True Value Framework. The first real data demo ‘Argentine Economy Two Diets’ explores the ‘nuts and bolts’ for a True Value future with simple steps, drawing on multiple initiatives and ICT advances. Increasingly business leaders, economists and the investment community worldwide are advising and engaging in this ‘beyond state of the art’ initiative.

This next phase ‘True Value Development Alternatives – Proof of Concept’ will potentially create unprecedented best practice profile and business opportunities for project partners.

Created July 2018, SNJ/VNC/CH